5 Favourite Instagram Accounts 2017

2017 has been a big sharing year, I have done this year involving my blog; developing it, finding new things to share on it, and growing my audience. One thing I have focused on this year is social media, mainly Instagram. As my photography has developed I’ve been sharing lots more. In the time I’ve been sharing, liking, and following, I have narrowed down a list as long as your arm, to my top 5 favourite Instagram accounts.


Credit: @cherry_timato on Instagram

@cherry_timato ‘s photography is based around vegan food. The majority of his photos involve his hands which always interests me because I rarely see other food photography accounts using hands in their photos, it definitely saves on using a plate, and he is able to make the different parts of the food stand out much more. I love seeing Tim’s photos on my timeline because I definitely admire his photography style.


Another vegan food account for this list, I love the style of @bjonr ‘s photography because it is very bright and colourful, meaning it always catches my eye when I’m scrolling through my timeline. The main theme I have seen is lots of blue and purple which ties the whole feed together. @bjonr ‘s photography does also give me lots of inspiration for future recipes I could create. His approach is to inspire vegans and help to erase the stigma around vegan food. The main bit of insight I have taken from @bjonr ‘s Instagram is to make each of the ingredients shine and to create my own style to express on my own social media; which will come with time and practice.


Credit: @lulusdreamtown

I have followed @lulusdreamtown for some time now, and I am so inspired by her and her Instagram. Firstly because all of her photos are so colourful, her use of props and backgrounds is amazing as she always brings her photos together very elegantly. Lulu is also an advocate for self-love and body positivity. The main thing I love about @lulusdreamtown is how active she is; whether that is on Instagram, uploading on YouTube, doing Instagram live streams, or generally replying to comments. She is very engaged with her audience.


Credit: @superfoodrunner

I love this account mainly because it is visually stunning. Each photograph is well thought out and beautifully executed. The duo create photos ranging from simplistic photos with one or two ingredients, large displays of colourful fruits and vegetables, to recipe photos for delicious desserts.


Credit: @milesbeforebreakfast

This account is primarily dedicated to the most important meal of the day; breakfast! Jane creates super bright and colourful breakfasts that are plant-based. Her account is definitely one to follow for some breakfast inspiration if you’re struggling for some healthier ideas.


Featured image credit to: @bjonr on Instagram.

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