Top 6 Must Have Blogger Apps

Technology is a massive part of my life as a food blogger. I am always using it whether that is social media, reading posts from my favorite bloggers, writing up blog posts, or taking about 50 pictures of something when I actually only use about 4 in the long haul. So in this blog post, I’m just going to go over the blogger apps/foodie apps, that I use all the time to make the whole ordeal a lot quicker and easier!

Top 6 Blogger Apps


Trello is something I use to get organized! I am a list and note type person, so I love using this to jot down any important foodie dates; such as September 9th is “National I love Food Day”. So I can organize my blog posts as to what is going out next and what pictures are going to go with that post. It’s a fab little organizational app.

What I also use Trello for is sharing ideas with family or whoever I invite to a board on Trello. For example on my Bethany Bakes board on Trello, I can invite my Mum and she can add any ideas or add bits and pieces to any blog ideas I may have put on there. It is great for bouncing ideas around with multiple people if you get stuck.


Yummly is a fab foodie app! I mostly use it for blogging ideas, and photography ideas. So when I find a recipe or something I find inspirational I can “Yum” it and save it to a collection. That way I can look at it at another point and perhaps find some inspiration for a blog post or try a new style of photography.

Also when you first set up your account there is an option to tick boxes of ingredients you don’t want to use in recipes. So it’s a little bit more personalized which is always great. Also when you find a recipe that you like, it even has a little shopping list attached so you can see exactly what you need to get.



I use Instagram all the time, it is my favorite apps to use as a food blogger. I can keep up with what’s happening in the food world with what is a popular thing and what isn’t. Also aside from my blog, Instagram is the main platform where I share my blog posts, pictures, inspiration, and a number of other things. I can interact with people who read my blog in the comments, which is always lovely to hear someone is enjoying what you are writing when you are passionate about it.

But Instagram is also great for connecting with people across the world with the same interests as you; which is wonderful. I do repost other food bloggers pictures and tag them so other people can go and have a look at their feed and show them support too. As Instagram is not all about follower gain and how many likes you get, it’s also about interacting with people and showing support for the cool things that they are doing as well!

Notes App

As I said before I like making notes to keep everything organized. So the notes app that is already downloaded onto your phone is a perfect little tool to have. I use mine for noting down any blog ideas I might have during the week, to note down any ideas for photos and how to present things. I mainly just use it for loads of bits and bobs I might need to note down, it’s just very useful.


I use Pinterest ALL the time. It is a brilliant app to find and share ideas. You can customise what you want to see through options when you set up your account, and through what you search too. The main goal is saving Pins into “Boards” and keep everything organized to build up inspiration or ideas. Also, you can also set up “secret boards” if you’re doing projects as a business, for example, you can hide boards so only you can see them. Overall it is a great piece of social media to have if you want to get inspiration.



Photoshop is an obvious app to put on this list. In the last few months, I have built up a skill set on the basics of Photoshop. As I use Photoshop more, the quality of my photos will improve as I get better at photography and editing. Before Photoshop I was using apps like PicMonkey and Snapseed. They were good, to begin with, and I still do use Snapseed sometimes as it is on my tablet and phone, as then I can edit with my fingers which I like doing if something needs editing in detail. But Photoshop is the main port of call if I am editing photos which is often. Being able to use Photoshop well will also help in college and later in my food career.

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