World Book Day- Cookbooks

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Happy World Book Day! Whether you love to have their nose in a classic, or a good sci-fi novel. For me I really enjoy flicking through either old or new cookbooks. From the old “Jammy Dodger” recipes passed through the generations, to the glossy pages of a brand new recipe book. This blog post is to share with you my favourite 3 cookbooks at the moment, and why I love them.¬†

Jo Wheatley- Home Baking

This recipe book is quite easy reading, and I do always love when a recipe book has ingredients that are easily accessible. Such as just normal unsalted butter rather than the slightly pretentious “butter made from milk from the purest of cows from the fields of Switzerland”. Or something of that effect.

I have made a few of Jo Wheatley’s recipes and put my own twist on them for “Bethany Bakes”. Such as “Homemade Focaccia Bread” all the recipe’s I’ve seen in this book are simple to follow, and have gorgeous photography to match the recipes.

Every so often there is a beautiful double page spread of a photograph, this breaks up the book and makes it easier to read and flick through to find the perfect recipe.

The Women’s Institute- Big Book Of Baking

My best friend actually brought this for me for my birthday about a year ago. I actually find this book super helpful when I need to find any recipes to do with breads or pastries. There is a whole bunch of them in here! I have made pretzels, doughnuts, several breads from wholemeal to plaited loaves.

The photography in this book is also super, each piece is different and they’re all pleasing to the eye. I will keep using this recipe book to ¬†develop on my skills, and try and master each recipe.

Jamie Oliver- Jamie’s Ministry Of Food “Anyone Can Learn To Cook In 24 Hours”

I would love to go into a career in food media when I finish school. Doing things such as Food Journalism, Food Styling, and Food Photography. This book is in my top 3 this World Book Day because of the lovely, modern photography that is included in this book.

The recipes and the tips and tricks are paired with photography that captures the food from flattering angles, sometimes the photography has some graphics added to it which is always a good touch!

Let me know of some of your favourite cookbooks, or even just your favourite books, in the comments either here or on my social media. I’d love to look through them!

Have a lovely World Book Day!

Beth x

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