5 Cheap and Healthy Breakfast’s

There is an ever-increasing number of children not eating breakfast in the morning. “More than 8 million people live in households that struggle to put enough food on the table.” (The Guardian), Yet “we throw away up to £17 billion worth of food and drink every year in the UK.” (The Telegraph.) This is absolutely astonishing, there are so many children who go to school hungry because their families either don’t have the time, the money, or the knowledge to put breakfast on the table. Inspired by Russell Howard on The Russell Howard Hour, here are 5 cheap and healthy breakfasts you can make for kids.

5 Cheap and Healthy Breakfast Ideas:

Tinned Fruit Kebabs

Fruit is incredibly good for you, each different piece of fruit has so many different nutrients that benefit your health. Using tinned fruit is a lot quicker and cheaper to use, and if you get tinned fruit that is tinned in syrup rather than a sugar solution it includes the juice from the fruit as well so more nutrients are packed into the tin. Using tinned fruit is also cheaper and lasts longer than buying lots of fresh fruit, but fresh fruit is also very beneficial for your health so you can use fresh as well as tinned for fruit kebabs.

1. Grab some of your favourite chopped tinned fruit and several long skewers, skewer the fruit onto the skewers and serve. You can mix and match different fruits depending on what you prefer.

Or you can chop up some of your favourite fresh fruits the night before and put them in a Tupperware tub in the fridge, and then follow the same process in the morning to make fruit kebabs.

This is a great way to get children to eat fruit as well as this can be really difficult for some families.

Fruit Parfait

This sounds really complicated but it is actually very easy to do, and if you make it the evening before then it will save you even more time in the morning because you don’t have to make anything. Also if you vary the different types of frozen fruits then the meal won’t be monotonous.


A couple of handfuls of frozen fruit and berries
150ml yogurt
A handful of granola


1. Put the yoghurt and frozen fruit in a bowl, give it a quick mix and cover. Put in the fridge overnight.

2. In the morning sprinkle the granola over the frozen fruit and yoghurt mix. Enjoy!

Dippy Eggs and Soldiers

Dippy eggs and soldiers is a great meal to have for breakfast, it’s packed full of protein from the eggs, and if you make the swap from white to wholemeal bread there are fewer sugars and more fibre, meaning the digestive system is helped as well!


2 free range eggs
1-2 slices wholemeal bread
Unsalted margarine


1. In a small pan boil some water, once the water is boiling place the eggs into the water for 3-4 minutes to give you a runny yolk.

2. Meanwhile spread the margarine onto the wholemeal bread and cut into strips (soldiers)

3. Scoop the eggs out of the water and serve with the soldiers.

This is a good meal to have for breakfast as it is energy giving which is useful for children growing up, and it is a cheap and easy dish to be able to make.

Baked Beans on Toast

Great for cold days before school, first thing in the morning getting out of the warm and into the cold for school is not always going to be appreciated. So having something warm and quite hearty for a breakfast is definitely a good idea. Beans on toast is cheap and quick to make.


1 tin of baked beans
1-2 slices of wholemeal bread
Unsalted margarine (optional)


1. Pour the tin of beans into a small pan and heat on a medium heat

2. Pop the bread into the toaster and toast.

3. Once the beans are hot pour them onto the toast and serve. Put a slither of butter on the hot beans to melt if you want to.

Frozen Fruit Smoothie

Using frozen fruit much easier than using fresh fruit, and you don’t have to worry about the fruit going off during the week, so you can make multiple smoothies per week. Using various types of frozen fruit means you’ll be getting different nutrients you need and your smoothies won’t be boring.


2-3 handfuls of frozen fruit
150ml fat-free yoghurt
Drizzle of honey


1. Blend the frozen fruit, honey and yoghurt together until smooth. If the frozen fruit is sticking in the blender add a splash of water.

2. Pour into a glass and serve.


It is important to realise how much food we throw away and that this food could easily be given to food banks if it is still in date to give to people who can’t afford meals.


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