The main focal point of Bruno is clear in this photo as the natural light is directed towards him. The shadows throughout the lengthy grass create texture in the image. Meaning more dimensions are given and aspects such as the flowers dotted through the image are well contrasted as they are bright and light in the shadows.

There is a clear dramatic contrast in this image. The detail on the chairs and tables give a Victorian-esque feel to the image which is fitting as this image was taken at Blists Hill Museum in Ironbridge. The trees in the far background look like there is smoke running through them giving a further industrial feel to the image.

The focal point of the image is clearly the young girl silhouetted in the lightness of the sea. The surf brings spots of light and texture surrounding the girl. As the focus is the girl and what she is looking at isn’t shown through the cropping in the image, it brings the viewer to wonder what is in the distance and sparks imagination.


The camera angle in this image is interesting as you can see the reflection from the surrounding trees on the water. A lower angle would have given an animal-like view, the reflection and the texture of the water with the ripples would not have been seen as well, but would be an interesting angle to try with this kind of shot in the future. The oranges and the vibrant greens give an autumnal feel to the image and the general mood of change.

The editing and the filter that has been added to this image gives a vintage mood. From the ash like colour in the grass to the much less vibrant colours in the clothing of the girl (my younger sister) – who is the focal point. There is little in the background and the image uses natural lighting to its advantage as the viewer is able to focus on the girl. It would be interesting to try some photography in during a sunset to see how light affected the output of the image.

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